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About Us

Who we are

A fully functional, well rounded creative and content agency. 
We’re the Southern lifeguards you want to have in the room. 
For amazeball ideas. For legit ROI heavy digital campaigns. For random brain waves that turn into epic shit. And to make sure your entry/existence in South India or anywhere really – is as legendary as the FDFS of a Rajamouli movie.

Our Services

What we do

Social media marketing Social media marketing Yellow

Marketing Solutions

We at SouthBay manage the process of analysing your social media audience and develop a strategy that rightly fits your brand. We also create and distribute content for social media profiles, monitor online conversations, collaborate with influencers, reporting on social media performance and ROI.

Web Dev Web Dev Yellow

Website Development

If you are one of those brands who wants to make your website look cool, something unique, then SouthBay is the place for you. We build websites from scratch, develop them and make it perfect for the web. 

Branding Branding Yellow


SouthBay will make sure that branding for you is done right. As a brand we  will take up the process of giving your company a unique identity in the eyes of your target markets and customers.

Creator Incubator Creator Incubator Yellow

Creator Incubator

We are actively building a content Incubator that aims at nurturing a subculture by creating a one stop cultural marketplace of art, literature, music, podcasts, shows/series and cinema across various formats of storytelling, from animation to mixed media.

Video Production Video Production Yellow

Video Production

When it comes to video production we will be that reliable friend who is  involved in the video making process from the start to the end. FYI SouthBay’s ecosystem excels in making legendary videos that speak volumes.

Ads Ads Yellow


In order to reach your target market, SouthBay makes sure to effectively promote and sell your services and goods.

Our Ecosystem

Spirit Media
Writers Room
Anthil Studio
Passion Projects, IPs, Client work, Collaborations and more..

Our recent projects

We do everything. And sometimes we do nothing.
But for clients ,almost everything.

But in 3 words - we create content.

We create social calendars. We create videos. We design movie posters. We create brands from scratch. We run digital campaigns for the wise and the weary. We water our plant, Champu.

Don’t know why our copywriter insisted on that last line. She mumbled something about the circle of life before wandering off to work on another IP.
So , without further ado, let's get connected.