The most entertaining tennis tournament ever!

What is WTL?

The World Tennis League is the first of its kind. A  league that’s the perfect mix of tennis and entertainment. The day started with nail-biting tennis matches played by some ace players and the nights ended with fun concerts performed by world famous artists. 

What did we do?

We built and managed their website and social media. We started amping up the event 3 months before the launch. We impressed ourselves (repeatedly) with the quality of creatives we made. And our junior copywriters still respond to us with “Hi, how may we help you?” thanks to the awesome 24/7 community management that they handled. During the league, we had live updates going out almost every hour, providing followers and tennis fans little nuggets and sneak peeks into the ongoing activities. This was followed up with match highlights being posted the next day across all platforms. 

We garnered over 25M impressions across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Our follower count increased by 15% every week across all platforms.



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