Our team

We Create , We Connect & We Conquer

Rajeev Ranjan

Business Head

He’s that person in the office who is constantly attending meetings. He has more than 12 years of experience in the media and communications industry, so he is well-versed with its workings. He loves food, his pets, coffee, and excel sheets. Not just that but he also EXCELS at multitasking. Contact him if you want to discuss business or stand-up comedy.

Vivek Narayanan

Creative Director

We got lucky here! He’s not your average boss; he’s our cool boss who inspires the team to think beyond the box. He will provide you with whatever you need and possibly more thanks to his ten years of media and advertising experience. He enjoys playing video games, watching anime, and building pitch-perfect decks while listening to his kickass music.

Maria Mathew

content head

She’s our MaMa! Tennis khela nahi par World Tennis League chala liya apney ACE writing skills se. 8 years se likhte ja rahi hai par kabhi thaki nahi aur na kabhi thakenge, thaggede le. When she’s not breaking her head while writing and rewriting copies, you’ll find her dreaming about hummus and wondering how expensive it would be to travel all over the world as a professional hummus taster. 😛

Shiva Prasad

Sr.art director

A designer in need is a designer indeed! He’s our saviour when it comes to last-minute changes. His creative design work deserves all the appreciation in the world. Having worked in the media industry for over 10 years he still hasn’t learnt to say “NO” to any work. When he’s not working on designs, he buys us ice cream! 😛 

Swaroop Penki

Account manager

He is our everything everywhere managing guy. He’s the cool bridge between clients and the team, and we always count on him to get things done on time. A huge fan of hip-hop, cars and comedy, he never says no to food, is a huge promoter of afternoon naps at work and will always have a suggestion for great content to watch.

Athreya Kolluru

Account Manager

He has put his 4 years of experience into making this cool website for SouthBay. He started his career with website development and now he makes creative websites and gets neck deep in movie marketing. He’s totally into hiphop and will blow your minds with his beatboxing and rapping skills. 

Vijay Chaganti

Associate Producer

We are all movie buffs here at Southbay, but Vijay is living his dream of working closely with movie making. Meet our associate producer guy, he’s been a major part of MayaBazaar’s (an upcoming Spirit Media produced web series) production. Previously he worked as a still photographer for Rangde movie, handled promotions for Charlie 777 and Virata Parvam. Impressive right? Grab a drink with him and listen to his storytelling. You won’t be bored, just don’t forget to pay the bill :p


Associate Producer

If Vijay is Jai, Vansh is his Veeru! We’ve got two guys running around handling all the production needs. He has a Diploma from Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares academy. Over the years he has taken multiple roles like producer, anchor, editor, social media content manager, DOP and here at SouthBay he is working as a producer and has handled the entire casting for MayaBazaar. When he’s not working on movies you’ll find him talking about movies. 

Shaik Md. Ali

Video editor

This guy is always very serious about his work and won’t leave his desk till he gets what he wants for his edit. All the cool videos that are played in and around SouthBay are his creations. When he isn’t editing, he’s either watching or playing cricket. 



Go check-out “Aakasam Enatidho” video on SouthBay.live’s YouTube channel! This guy worked on the video 😎🔥. With his 7 years of experience in this industry he helps us make cool visuals for brands. When he is not doing his visualiser job you will find his artistic side coming to life in the form of his sketches. 

Bhagya Shree

Jr.content writer

She doesn’t keep up with the Kardashians, but she makes sure to keep up with the trends, kyu ki moment marketing ka sawaal hai bhai 🙂  She keeps writing for anything and everything, maybe she’s writing this. Or, she’s trying ;_; When she’s not involved in the creative writing process she’s lost in her fictional world of Kdramas, Kpop (BTS naam toh suna hoga!)

Radha Konda

Jr.content writer

Known for impressing her bosses with her smart writing skills, you’ll mostly find her minding her own business while trying to come up with out of the box creative campaigns which will blow your mind. She’s a professional Anime watcher, and a quick Japanese language learner ready to leave this moh maya wali duniya and settle in another dimension.